Jade Terminus Absinthe Oxygenee

The last one in the Jade Absinthe repro series


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Product information "Jade Terminus Absinthe Oxygenee"
Jade Terminus Oxygénée Absinthe Supérieure finally arrives after several years of historical sleuthing, botanical research, and patience. This mature, handcrafted spirit represents the final release in the Jade Liqueurs® portfolio of historically accurate Absinthes. Jade Terminus Oxygénée Absinthe Supérieure was created as homage to one of the most interesting Absinthes of the fabled Belle Époque. What set this renowned product apart from its peers is that it was highly publicized as having been subjected to a specialized hot oxygenation process originally believed to render the final spirit hygienic, and therefore free of any potentially deleterious properties. The original brand was the subject of widespread publicity, sold at a premium, and was exported to various ports around the globe. Jade Terminus Oxygénée Absinthe Supérieure is artisan-distilled from the same botanicals as the original, with the addition of a healthy dose of a particularly interesting species of Wormwood harvested from the foothills of the Alps, which contributes to the bold flavor of this handcrafted Absinthe. Always true to the originals, Jade Terminus Oxygénée Absinthe Supérieure is also subjected to a bespoke hot oxygenation process that closely mirrors the original technique. And while this twist from the past asserts its own character to the spirit, it’s only with long term maturation that it is ready for bottling. Jade Terminus Oxygénée Absinthe Supérieure represents the most powerful expression of the spirit in the Jade portfolio. Bold yet creamy, it features potent aromatics and a lengthy, stimulating aftertaste that recalls the medicinal origins of Absinthe. Jade Terminus Oxygénée Absinthe Supérieure is carefully distilled by T. A. Breaux, using original, 19th century Absinthe alembics at the historical Combier distillery. Composition - French eau de vie pot-distilled and infused with whole botanicals and rested for an average of 3 years before bottling. Appearance – Varying hues of olive green with a slight golden tint. Taste – A bold, creamy, structured palate of Pontarlier Absinthe, Andalusian Anise Seed, and Fennel of Gard with a natural coloration of particularly rare botanicals that delivers a long, somewhat minty and aromatic finish.
ABV: 68% vol.
Country of origin: Frankreich
Food producer : Combier SAS | 48 rue Beaurepaire | 49400 SAUMUR
Net filling quantity: 700 ml
Type of product: Spirituose
Jade Liqueurs
Jade Liqueurs was founded in 2000 by T.A. Breaux founded. The scientist has been studying the mysteries and myths of absinthe for over a decade. Researching forgotten and overlooked documents around the globe, he unearthed the truth of this fabled spirit.
 Jade Liquers products give connoisseurs the opportunity to enjoy faithful reproductions of classic absinthe, just like he inspired the creative spirits of the Belle Epoque. Jade Liquers produces absinthe that is as close as no other to the historical models. This was made possible because T.A. Breaux and his associates have historically collected and scientifically analyzed large numbers of unopened 19th-century absinthe bottles.
His research has been reported in books, magazines, newspapers, television and documentaries. Writers, researchers and historians regularly ask about his extensive knowledge of the subject. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, T.A. Breaux contributed to publications such as Absinthe, Sip of Seduction: A Contemporary Guide (Corvus Publishing - ISBN: 0972577610) and Absinthe, A Myth always green (L'Esprit Frappeur - ISBN: 2844052002). He is currently in the process of writing some more texts on the subject.
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