Absinthe fountains

Absinthe fountains are artefacts from a bygone era. The extremely decorative water dispensers were available on the counters of absinthe lovers in French bars and bistros to freshly prepare absinthe with ice-cold water. Certainly absinthe lovers got into a lot of discussion about how absinthe is best prepared. Such a fountain usually had several (up to 6) chickens that could be regulated very finely. It's an almost scientific process, whether you turn the chicken all the way up or just drop by drop into the glass. In any case, there is no hurry, otherwise you could use an ordinary carafe and pour the water into the glass in one go. Experts know, of course, that turbidity depends to a large extent on how the water gets to the absinthe. One could certainly say: the slower, the better the turbidity. The magic of absinthe consists precisely in the fact that when two clear liquids are mixed, it becomes cloudy. This ritualized preparation binds the consumer to absinthe on a very special level. Such a ceremony is not possible with any other spirit. And the manufacturers supported this with new devices that were used to prepare absinthe, with the absinthe fountain clearly being the most elegant and comfortable option.
Absinthe Fontaine Boule
Glass fountain with 4 taps

Absinthe Fontaine Chat IV
Glass fountain with 4 taps

Absinthe Fontaine Sylibum
Glass fountain with 2 taps

Lid for Absinthe Fontaine Boule Green Line
replacement lid

Replacement lid Chat IV
Replacement cover for fountain Chat IV