Grandes Distillerie Peureux

Auguste Peureux founded his distillery in 1864 in the middle of the Vosges. Fougerolles was and is the "epicenter" of cherry production. In the In the heyday of absinthe, there were over 40 distilleries, of which only today two are left - Peureux is one of them. Just now Peureux recently took over the Coulin distillery and the distillery Lemercier. With the latter, of course, also a great absinthe expertise. So it is not surprising that for some years now there has also been one of our own Absinthe Peureux is produced.
Absinthe Un Peureux
Revival of a historic Absinthe brand from Fougerolles

Content: 0.5 Liter (€65.90* / 1 Liter)

By far the largest distillery from Fougerolles only jumped on the "absinthe bandwagon" in 2014 and brought an absinthe onto the market again for the company's 150th anniversary. If you search for Peureux, you will unfortunately only find an Anisee from the 1940s and no references to absinthe, but it is considered certain that EVERY distillery in Fougerolles produced absinthe around the turn of the century. Unfortunately, in this case, the traces have disappeared.