Thomanns Schnapskeller auf kaufen

Thomann's Schnapskeller

With a lot of love, each product is handmade as a unique piece. Thomas Thomann and his wife burn clear fires and spirits in an ancient, copper pot still fired with wood. It will be on any no artificial flavors or preservatives. 
[pier·loh] Absinthe
The legend of the Bierlox family in a bottle

Content: 0.5 Liter (€79.90* / 1 Liter)

[pier·loh] Absinthe Mini
The legend of the Bierlox family in a bottle

Content: 0.1 Liter (€99.50* / 1 Liter)


The house of Thomann started the tradition of distilling schnapps in 1936 in the wash house of the former farmhouse by Thomas' grandfather Thomann. It is rumored, however, that even before that in the kitchen a small The system was in operation and some liters probably burned black. 

After buying and converting a Wallbacher that is over 200 years old farmhouse by Yvonne and Thomas Thomann, the desire arose to continue the tradition of distilling schnapps. With the purchase, installation and the recommissioning of an old distillery from the neighborhood, as well as the approval of the compensation distillery by the customs authorities, the Thomanns continue this old tradition.