Our social commitment 

We don't just want to sell good spirits. We would also like to get involved socially and after a long search we were able to find a project that we support with a percentage of the sales monthly. 

Global Food Garden

We deliberately chose the Global Food Garden because it consists of a network that develops and enables projects of fish farming or vegetable cultivation in areas where such form of agriculture is difficult or almost impossible. 

The cultivation and operation of the systems can get by with extremely little water and provides jobs. 

In this way, hunger is fought where it arises and something is actively done. 

This is backed by a network of actors, projects and knowledge holders from business and private organisations. 

Together against hunger!

Total donations until 06/2023: € 1'640.00

January 2023

Total donations in January:

€ 248.79

February 2023

Total donations in February:

€ 344,26

March 2023

Total donations in March:

€ 341,67

April 2023

Total donations in April:

€ 250,70

May 2023

Total donations in May:

€ 263,59

June 2023

Total donations in June:

€ 190,99

Images & Texts

We wrote the texts ourselves - but the pictures are from https://www.globalfoodgarden.de/ taken with permission