Distillerie Guy

The eagle that Armand Guy once drew as a trademark for his distillery was intended to symbolize the superiority of his products. A lot has happened since that time. In the former "absinthe capital" there is only one traditional distillery from the heyday of absinthe - the Guy distillery. In 2002 we were the first foreign customer for Guy's fabulous absinthe and we still enjoy working with Guy. In the meantime, Pierre, Francois' son, has taken over the business and is thus continuing a tradition that is more than 100 years old! Bravo!
When Armad Guy started his own business in 1890 after completing his training at one of the most renowned absinthe distilleries in Pontarlier (Vichet), he received financial support from Florentin Cousin. So he was able to buy the property in the Rue de Lavaux and build the distillery. Until 1906, the absinthes distilled there bore the name of the sponsor, but that was changed when the last installment was paid. Unfortunately, after less than 10 years, the absinthe distillery was over, so Guy had to come up with something new. Le Vert Sapin and especially Pontarlier Anis became the new figurehead of the distillery and are still being produced successfully today. Since December 15, 2001, the green fairy is back in Pontarlier's last absinthe distillery.