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About us

ABSINTHE.DE was founded by Markus Lion in the Winter of 2000. The original name of the company, “La Fee Verte” was changed shortly after to “Absinthvertrieb Lion”, and finally, in 2007, to ABSINTHE.DE, reflecting an internationally recognised status. It all started off very small. For the first two and a half years, the company simply existed as a side-business, starting with only 10 items from Spain and Germany. Soon products from France and the Czech Republic, as well as spoons, glasses, posters and fountains were added. The boom started when the press became aware of us in the Spring of 2001. Absinthe-mania was in full flow. In March 2002, Kübler 45 became the first Swiss absinthe in our range. This was succeeded by Kübler 53, which remains a highlight of our product range. In May 2002, ABSINTHE.DE became the first German importer for Francois Guy Absinthe of Pontarlier, France. This is another, ongoing highlight of our range – even today. Shortly after this, we were the first trader to import Un Emile absinthe, also from Pontarlier. In the years that followed, numerous extremely interesting absinthes were added, such as Libertine, Abisinthe, and Montmartre. In Spring 2003, the side-business became a full-time business. This was accompanied by the overall professionalisation of our service. In Summer 2003, our bonded warehouse for spirits was approved. The business grew. In July 2004, after long negotiations, we were awarded exclusive German rights for Ted Breaux’s Jade Liqueurs absinthes. Jade Nouvelle Orleans absinthe won so many laurels in advance that a German absinthe forum selected it as the Absinthe of the Year even before the product launch – and this accolade was fully confirmed afterward…On March 1, 2005, the absinthe ban in Switzerland finally came to an end. This brought many new manufacturers onto the market, those who had previously been only distilling illicitly, and on a tiny, local scale. What was of considerably greater interest to us was the collaboration with a professional distillery. The company Matter-Luginbühl caught our eye very early on with its excellent Kallnacher Absinthe, and we quickly made contact. Here, we immediately took great interest in the development of own products. The first result of this collaboration was Absinthe Duplais Verte, for which we were awarded the Gold Medal and Best in Class by the London International Wine & Spirits Competition in July 2006. Later in the year, Duplais Verte was hailed as the Absinthe of the Year in Switzerland and topped the ranking list at Absinth-Bibel.de. In Autumn 2005, we moved to a new warehouse, which made doing business considerably easier. Unfortunately, it became clear after only a few months that these premises were much too small… A further move in Spring 2006 became unavoidable. The product range now includes some 200 products, and has expanded beyond absinthe, including many diverse and rare craft spirits, liqueurs and apéritifs. We are the exclusive re-seller of most of these products in Germany or we directly import them ourselves. This direct collaboration with many manufacturers is very important to us. It enables us to quickly see where trends are going and, when necessary, influence them. Our product range includes those from all price ranges, which means that we can cover a very broad clientele. Naturally, this range also includes numerous accessories such as glasses, spoons, and fountains. We serve consumers from Canada to New Zealand and work in Germany with the restaurant, retail and wholesale sectors. Within the European Union, we have built up a network of sales partners with whom we foster close contacts. For our commercial customers, we offer absinthe, spirits and cocktail seminars, focusing staff training staff or developing and maintaining customer education, appreciation and loyalty.