Steinhorn Gin

The masterpiece of Steiner Bros.


Content: 0.5 Liter (€79.90* / 1 Liter)

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Product information "Steinhorn Gin"

Steinhorn Gin has been produced by the brothers Johannes and Martin Steiner in Ruppersthal in the Weinviertel since 2017 and distilled in the style of a London Dry Gin in a 60-liter copper kettle.

The premium gin contains juniper, coriander, elderberries and many other botanicals, while liquorice, lemon balm and rosemary give it its characteristic taste. Many of the ingredients come from our own garden and from the Wagram region. Not all ingredients may be revealed, as every unicorn has a mysterious aura. In addition to grace and purity through the loving implementation of the recipe, 44% give the gin power and strength.

Tasting Notes: “Nice balance of juniper, tangerine citrus, muscovado sugar and black currant. Complex on the palate, closely interwoven in structure. Strong finish with ethereal juniper." (Source: Falstaff) "Consistently strong juniper characteristics, citrus notes on the nose, balanced taste of a classic London Dry Gin, herbal finish. Pleasant mildness at 44% alcohol by volume.” (Steiner Bros.)

ABV: 44% vol.
Country of origin: Österreich
Food producer : Steiner Bros. | AT-3701 Ruppersthal 38
Net filling quantity: 500 ml
Type of product: Gin

Many years ago, the Steiner brothers learned through tradition her grandfather, old Wagnsonner, from an ancient one Family Secret:

Your ancestors, itinerant merchants from Silesia, impoverished landed gentry named Katharina and Gottfried von Grosz, were named after her Settling down in the Weinviertel town of Ruppersthal at the end of the 19th century. Century in addition to their work as a grocer also enthusiastic Distiller.

Steinhorn Gin is the contemporary interpretation of a gin in an old family tradition, strictly according to regulations as a London Dry Gin distilled. Juniper berries and a number of local and exotic ones Botanicals and ingredients give the gin a mysterious aura, purity and grace. Power and strength give him resche 44 alcohol percentage. Strong and graceful like a unicorn. Or like one Steinhorn.

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