Sirene Bitter

Micro Batch Bitter made at the Lago di Garda


Content: 0.7 Liter (€37.07* / 1 Liter)

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Product information "Sirene Bitter"
The Sirene bring you into a magic sea full of Love, Mistery and a bit of Madness. Listen to the call of the Sirene, dive into the water, ride the waves, go and search for your destination. This is a special world discover. It is your world. Is it out there or just inside you?
Be brave, be adventurous, be ready to face any challenge. Bigger waves will bring bigger joy.

The story goes, that one hot summer's night, some fishermen were resting up in a small bay that was protected from the waves. All of a sudden some mermaids appeared. 
They were beautiful. They offered the sailors a drink that would give them the energy and desire to go straight back home to their wives. Since that day, the mermaids go back with the magic liqueur to that very same bay.
The sailors called it the The Liquore delle Sirene. Their wives, smiling, remember it as l'Elisir d'Amore.

Bright coppery gold with a hint of saffron

Intense and complex, with a slightly sharp note. The prevailing aroma of rhubarb, followed by hints of Mediterranean fruit and sweet Oriental spices, with undertones of tamarind and oak. A herbaceous finish enhances the complexity.

A soft and warm first impact on the palate, then alternating between the harmonious flavour of botanicals, in which perfumed fruit and flowers, Dog Rose and Orange Blossom, are the backdrop to the aromatic notes of Cinchona and Gentian.
The finish is long and taut, oscillating between the tingle of Ginger and the sweetness of Vanilla Bourbon. A deep and lingering flavour that evolves into salted caramel.

Its well-rounded flavour and silky structure converge in harmony.
The Alchemy A long, passionate research into homemade Italian liqueurs and a revisitation of old liqueur recipes has led to the creation of The Liquore delle Sirene. Produced in small quantities and inspired by tradition.  

Herbs, flowers, fruit and roots are all carefully selected for their aroma and characteristics from some of the world's best estates.

The botanical aromas are extracted by way of long individual infusions in water and alcohol.

The Cuvée
The magic of The Liquore delle Sirene is the result of a cuvée created by our expert Master Distiller.

The Sirene
Pure water and sugar complete the recipe. There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. After a long resting period in small barrels, The Liquore delle Sirene is ready to be bottled.
ABV: 23% vol.
Country of origin: Italien
Food producer : Piperita Srl | Via Monte Baldo 55 B | IT 37016 Garda
Net filling quantity: 700 ml
Type of product: Bitter

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