Product information "Pontarlier anise glass"
The original Pontarlier anis glass by Francois Guy - this is how you serve a Ponsec!

Size: 130mm
Content: 150 ml
Diameter: 65mm
Weight: 250 grams
Distillerie Guy
Florentin's cousin, a cheesemaker from Champagnole, supported Armand Guy from Pontarlier financially to set up a distillery. Armand Guy bought a piece of land on Rue des Lavaux, built a building on it, bought a still and started his business. For Florentin's cousin, Armand Guy to finance it, the absinthe produced there had to bear his name. As managing director, Armand Guy was responsible for the success of the business. Florentin Cousin and Armand Guy separated in 1906 after Guy had repaid the last installment of the loan. Florentin Cousin then founded a distillery in Champagnole which his descendants later sold to H. Deniset Jeune from Pontarlier. After separating from his brothers, Ernest Cousin took up work as a distiller in Francbourg. He produced about 120,000 bottles of Absinthe Cousin Jeune a year.
The buildings in Rue de Lavaux, Pontarlier still exist today and absinthe is still distilled there today - it's the Guy distillery.
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