Koegler Verjus Fermentino

The juice of unripe harvested Riesling grapes is fermented to further reduce the sugar content.


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Product information "Koegler Verjus Fermentino"
In Eltville, in the idyllic Rheingau, is the Koegler winery, the center of which is the Bechtermünz farmstead, built almost 600 years ago.
Johannes Gutenberg lived and worked in this historic building.
In 1998 Ferdinand Koegler took over the traditional eltviller Winery with about 7.5 hectares of vineyards. He was able to revive the tradition with a fresh breeze and a young spirit. In the meantime, the area under cultivation has grown to 36 hectares and stretches from Eltville to Hochheim.
Building on the experience of five generations, the work of the Koegler family is characterized by almost unlimited passion, as well as creativity and a good deal of courage to try something new and unusual  try it out.
In the vineyards, attention is paid to natural processes and the sustainable use of resources. It therefore seems only logical to also offer a verjuice in addition to the excellent wines, in order to make the grapes from the "green harvest" an exciting product.
In 2003, Ferdinand Koegler came, inspired by a Swiss colleagues came up with the idea of processing his Riesling grapes into verjuice for the first time. The Riesling grape gives the verjuice a pronounced acidity and is therefore perfect for the production of the sour grape juice.
Because Riesling is used a lot in the Rheingau, Ferdinand Koegler knew he had to try it. In particular because the grapes here benefit from the first-class Rheingau location, the clay-slate soil and the unique climate of the Rheingau and have a balanced acidity.
While around 500 bottles of Verjus were filled in the first year, the quantity increases now from year to year.
Before the harvest, bad grapes are removed by hand. The actual harvest then takes place at night, since low temperatures are required here. In order to give the grapes as much aroma as possible, they are left to stand for a few hours before pressing. This is how the valuable aromas from the grape skins get into the juice.

The special thing about the Koegler Verjus: Like the grape juice from the winery, the Verjus is bottled in a cold-sterile condition in order to preserve the aromas and those that occur during hot bottling To avoid cooking tones.
Condiment made from the juice of unripe grapes. But Koegler goes one step further here. The verjuice is fermented and even the last bit of sugar disappears. Because of this, the Fermentino has some alcohol, but is even more acidic. Like the lime - hence the green colour. 

Contains antioxidants and sulphites

Manufacturer: Weingut J. Kögler, Kirchgasse 5, 65343 Eltville
Weingut Koegler

The Koegler winery is located in Eltville in the Rheingau. The center of The Bechtermünz farm, built almost 600 years ago, forms the winery now shines in new splendor. In the historic Johannes Gutenberg lived and worked in the building. 1467 left the world-famous inventor of the printing press right there the world's first Print the "Vocabularius Ex Quo" dictionary. The impressive, picturesque Inner courtyard is one of the most beautiful in the entire Rheingau. In 1998 Ferdinand Koegler took over the traditional Eltville winery about 7.5 hectares of vineyards. The operation was previously under the name "Fischer Erben Economic Council" known. Since this takeover there has been a breeze fresh wind, with a young spirit that you can not only find locally feel, but also taste with every wine creation. Built up is based on the experience gained over generations were passed on. The special ambience offers enough potential for inspiration and new ideas. That's the work at the Koegler winery shaped not only by unlimited passion, but also by one a good deal of courage and creativity to come up with something new and maybe produce something unusual.

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