Geranium 55 Overproof Gin

The new Overproof Geranium


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Product information "Geranium 55 Overproof Gin"
Geranium Gin has become one of the highest rated gins in the world and the darling among bartenders for its ability to create balance and sustain the flavours of the ingredients used in a cocktail. This year 2014 will be Geranium Gin's  5th year anniversary, and to celebrate this properly we have created Geranium Gin 55.

55% is the perfect alcohol strength to add more weight and enhance the pleasantness of the botanicals, and still retaining the smooth and well-balanced impression that signifies Geranium Gin. The fact that 55° is the latitude of my home adds an extra dimension to the making of this special edition of one of the world’s finest gins.

Geranium Gin 55 is to be used for those times when more intensity of the cocktail is needed and will be the perfect choice for a Dry Martini, G&T or Negroni and any other drink where a more powerfull gin has it's place.

  • London Dry Gin at 55% ABV
  • Distilled from 100% pure grain spirit made of the best English wheat
  • Based on the original recipe for Geranium Gin and balanced to perfection
  • Fresh and dry botanicals: juniper, geranium, lemon, orange, coriander, cassia, orris, angelica, liquorice
  • Botanicals are matured for 48 hours and distilled in ‘Constance’, a 100 year old gin copper pot still
  • Proudly distilled by Master Distilller ‘Rob’ at Langley Distillers, a 200 year old family owned distillery
  • Active components in geranium: linalol, geraniol, geraniol formate, borneol, citronelol and rose oxide
  • Tasting notes: As smooth and well balanced as Geranium Gin 44% with more intense flavors and crispyness
ABV: 55% vol.
Country of origin: England
Food producer : Hammer & Son Ltd. | PO Box 14 | MA MRS 1000
Net filling quantity: 700 ml
Type of product: Gin
Hammer & Son
I have been working with gin for many years, doing gin tastings and seminars and have been an accredited gin judge at international spirits competitions for four years. And after trying many hundreds of gins I found that the spectrum was pretty narrow (stereotype), although lately we've seen a lot of good new products with new and exciting botanicals. As such, I felt that creating a gin that would push the boundaries of the London gin label to the limit could be a challenge.
I've thought about geranium for a long time (the smell of the leaves is almost like a gin and tonic itself) and geranium has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes (for depression, fatigue and more) and by cooks for purification air in the kitchen and for seasoning dishes. So the history and uses were very similar to juniper and when we did the chemical analysis we found that the essential oils in geranium (geraniol, geraniol formate, linalol, rose oxide, citronelol) are present in most fruits, vegetables and spices were. and vice versa, along with the main components of gin (juniper, lemon, coriander, angelica), geranium is used in the therapeutic world. So, in theory, geranium paired well with gin and a variety of mixers that bartenders use today to create new and exciting cocktails.
The challenge now was to get the oils out of the geranium by distillation in alcohol (usually the oils are extracted by steam/vapor pressure) to end up with a London Gin. Luckily my father was a chemist who had worked with essential oils for the perfume and food industries for decades and we bought a 5 liter copper still and we set up a mini lab in his house and started experimenting with the plants. After a few weeks we figured out how to process, mature and distil the geranium to get the oils we needed.
My goal was to make an authentic London Dry Gin, so of course our gin should be made in England where the tradition, knowledge and equipment was there, so we spent some time with our English distiller and made the final recipe. And the recipe we made results in a gin that offers a different taste and flavor depending on the blender used, due to the abilities of the previously mentioned oils. (Kristian Kamp, the only Dane with a recipe in Gary Regan's Gin Compendium, calls it a chameleon).
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