Absinthe Blog

A few years ago we ran an external blog under the domain www.absinthe-blog.de. We have integrated this into our shop for the sake of simplicity.
Absinthe has been permitted again in the EU since the end of the 80s and in Switzerland since 2005. Many myths are entwined around the "Green Fairy" and some information is based on dubious half-knowledge rather than real competence. With a kind of "knowledge base" we would like to contribute to putting absinthe in the right light.

Süße Versuchungen: Liköre und ihre vielfältigen Anwendungen

Als begeisterter Genießer von Spirituosen und ehemaliger Barkeeper habe ich im Laufe der Jahre eine tiefe Wertschätzung für Liköre entwickelt.

Absinthe in Cocktails: Eine faszinierende Reise durch den mystischen Grünen Feen-Trunk

Absinthe, auch bekannt als der "Grüne Feen-Trunk", ist ein alkoholisches Getränk mit einer langen und geheimnisvollen Geschichte.

The art of creating cocktails

When developing a new drink, care should always be taken to appeal to different taste buds. This isn't always an easy task, so here are some tips for finding the perfect recipe.

What actually is gin?

Gin is one of the basic spirits of every bar and is often ordered and drunk in cocktails or as a long drink. But what actually is gin, where does it come from and how is juniper schnapps made?