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A few years ago we ran an external blog under the domain www.absinthe-blog.de. We have integrated this into our shop for the sake of simplicity.
Absinthe has been permitted again in the EU since the end of the 80s and in Switzerland since 2005. Many myths are entwined around the "Green Fairy" and some information is based on dubious half-knowledge rather than real competence. With a kind of "knowledge base" we would like to contribute to putting absinthe in the right light.
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The Fascinating History of Pastis: A Look at Its French Origins

Discover the fascinating story of pastis, a popular French aperitif whose roots are deeply woven into French culture
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The Magic Behind the Louche: Why Absinthe Lovers Are Fascinated

Immerse yourself with us in the fascinating world of absinthe and discover the magic behind the louche
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Ein festliches Getränkeabenteuer zu Weihnachten!

Bist du bereit für ein festliches Getränkeabenteuer zu Weihnachten? Entdecke die reiche Geschichte und Tradition von Gin und Absinthe.

The Renaissance of Absinthe: Myth, History and Modernity

This blog post is dedicated to the renaissance of absinthe, from its origins to the current revival.

Absinthe in Cocktails: Eine faszinierende Reise durch den mystischen Grünen Feen-Trunk

Absinthe, auch bekannt als der "Grüne Feen-Trunk", ist ein alkoholisches Getränk mit einer langen und geheimnisvollen Geschichte.

Does absinthe produce a special intoxication?

Again and again we get questions like this one: "I wanted to ask if you also sell absinthes that have the same effect as before the ban... You can forget the current one too much alcohol and no effect as desired...."

What actually is absinthe?

There are many myths and stories about absinthe, most of which are based on half-truths. In this article we go into the myth of absinthe, as well as the origin, the production and the different qualities of absinthe.


Absinthe is very often associated with a drug-like effect. The reason for this is thujone, which gets into the spirit through the wormwood (Artemisia absinthium).


Probably the most important herb when it comes to absinthe - because wormwood in French means absinthe