Product information "Absinthe Fleur Bleue 500 ml"

Absinthe Fleur Bleue 500 ml from Canada 

Inspired by a recipe from the 19th century Swiss Jura, FLEUR BLEUE is distilled using a traditional method. It is made from Artemisia absinthium, grown in Quebec's Eastern Townships, and also contains a dozen other plants, including fennel and anise. 

A white absinthe of the best quality from Absintherie des Cantons 

White absinthe, like FLEUR BLEUE, is by definition less bitter than green absinthe, which distinguishes it from JOUAL VERT.

ABV: 53% vol.
Country of origin: Canada
Food producer : Absintherie des Cantons | Granby, QC J2J 1K7 Canada
Net filling quantity: 500 ml
Type of product: Spirituose
Absintherie des Cantons
The Absintherie des Cantons, a family micro-distillery in Granby, distills high-quality absinthe in small batches. Inspired by an absinthe tasting in 2013, a journey of discovery in France and Switzerland followed.
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