Product information "Absinth Zufanek Private Reserve 500 ml"

Zufanek didn't expect to ever do a private reserve again. 

In March 2020, in the first week of the first quarantine in Czech history, Markus Zufanek distilled an identical sequel. Because a historical moment calls for a historical monument. And this time in a slightly larger quantity so it can be released for wider sale

Private Reserve represents the best you can do with absinthe. 

Base is the Selection of the best leaves and flowers of real wormwood. For example when the best quality tea leaves are selected. It is a time-consuming activity, selecting barely 1kg of the best leaves out of 10kg. Next comes the grapevine, which was distilled a year ago before it was actually used in this absinthe. The whole thing is rounded off by experience with the distillation process, which has been perfected for 23 years. 

The absinthe was a year in an oak barrel and another two years in a stainless steel tank. The label was written by Aleš Najbrt, including a special Covid font. There is a single batch and each bottle is numbered.

The first 42 bottles were sold on an auction site as 79.22 annuals neat % edition auctioned straight from the barrel.

This is a product that should commemorate two years spent in a crazy insecurity bans, restrictions and bondage.

ABV: 70% vol.
Country of origin: Tschechische Republik
Food producer : ZUSY s.r.o. | 687 63 Borsice u Blatnice 57
Net filling quantity: 500 ml
Type of product: Spirituose
The Zufanek distillery is a small family business in the whites Carpathians in the Czech Republic. We've been working since years with this special distillery because they offer the highest quality and produce the best absinthe in this country. Go with the gin now a step towards mixology, which we very much welcome.

Our goal is alcoholic beverages as we like them and would buy to manufacture. For this reason we use exclusively our own fruits that we grow on our own soil grow in the White Carpathians.

In addition to our Original Slivovitz, we have gradually but also after other fruit brandies such as pear, apricot, cherry Introduced juniper, walnut and met liqueur. In addition, there is Honey infused herbal liqueurs, peppermint schnapps, beer brandies, cask brandies, gin and the first in the Czech Republic distilled absinthe.

Our motto is: "100% natural products" and we are strictly against using artificial flavors or colors. The production quantities are therefore always dependent on the harvest volume.

We are confident that you will love our products as much as we do. 

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