Absinthe Sans Frontières

This absinthe inspires with its rich bouquet, based on a recipe from the absinthe era.


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Product information "Absinthe Sans Frontières"

"Absinthe Sans Frontiers" is distilled directly on the farm. We cultivate the wormwood directly on our own land at an altitude of 1100m. An absinthe superior with 72% alcohol by volume. This absinthe inspires with its rich bouquet, based on a recipe from the absinthe era. This absinthe benefits from its green coloring, selected plants are briefly macerated in the absinthe after distillation. This maceration brings out the distinctive flavors of the plants and herbs. Its cloudiness with clear notes of a sparkling absinthe - without being overloaded with green anise. Our distillation technique produces a high quality product. This absinthe surprises absinthe connoisseurs. This absinthe should be diluted with 3 to 4 parts cold water and can be prepared with or without sugar.

Alcohol: 72% vol.
Lebensmittelunternehmer: La Semilla, 80, Grande Rue, F-25300 Les Fourges
Net filling quantity: 700ml
Ursprungsland: Frankreich
Verkehrsbezeichnung: Spirituose
La Semilla - Francois Aymonier

When Francois and Mayra Aymonier fulfilled their dream of Buying and running a farm fell to the French jury The idea of distilling absinthe is still a long way off. As they found that a wide variety of herbs do extremely well on their farm flourish, one thing led to another. Of course it wasn't easy to fulfill all the customs formalities, but finally one thing worked out day off. Absinthe from our own production. Only the anise is made from the relate to the Mediterranean region, everything else is planted, cared for, harvested, dried and crushed for distillation.

When you meet the young married couple, you feel the authentic Spirit and the love that is put into all products. Then you come in the combustion chamber in the low basement of the courtyard, you can see a tiny one copper kiln. Thoughts wander to a time when only Switzerland, just a few kilometers away, is lively in this ambience burned black - but that was a long time ago!

In addition to the various types of absinthe, Francois also produces a a few regional liqueurs and an aniseed which we will soon have will offer.

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