[pier·loh] Absinthe Mini

The legend of the Bierlox family in a bottle


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Product information "[pier·loh] Absinthe Mini"

Towards the end of the 18th century, a Magaritha Schmidt from Hausach begins an affair with the French soldier Pier Leaux. At least that's what a rumor says. Margaritha becomes pregnant and gives birth to a girl. In good faith, she gave her the family name Pier Leaux, which was wrongly written down in the church register as Bierlox.

Katharina Bierlox (the girl in question) is the great-great-great-grandmother of Thomas Thomann. Pier Leaux is considered a myth in her family, an incomprehensible figure in the chain of ancestors. With the name on their absinthe [pier loh], the family takes this myth into account. With a spirit that has been mythically demonized and glorified in equal measure over the past two centuries for its ability to uncover the abysses of the soul.

With wormwood, hyssop, mint, anise and various other herbs, [pier loh] absinthe is made according to an old Swiss original recipe. The coloring is carried out exclusively in the traditional way with the help of fresh wormwood and mint herbs.

Alcohol: 68% vol.
Lebensmittelunternehmer: Thomas Thomann, Hauptstrasse 59, 79713 Bad Säckingen-Wallbach
Net filling quantity: 100ml
Ursprungsland: Deutschland
Verkehrsbezeichnung: Spirituose
Thomanns Schnapskeller

Every product from Thomann's Schnapskeller is unique and will be homemade with lots of love. The clear fires and spirits will be in distilled in an old, wood-fired copper still. Both Liqueurs are used exclusively ripe berries and fruits and processed according to old recipes. We only use natural ones Ingredients and pure fruits and do without any artificial flavors and preservatives.

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