Absinthe La Coquette

Reproduction of a 1899 formula


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Product information "Absinthe La Coquette"

A formula from way back in1899 is used for this very herbal and spicy Absinthe. La Coquette combines flowery aromas with herbal complexity whereas the Green Anise is important, but not obviously overpowered. A grape base alcohol is used, same as back in the old days, in such bringing out a very nice and harmonic note and at the same time guarantees great aging potential. Those who loved Absinthe Belle Amie, will certainly love her cousin La Coquette...

Alcohol: 72% vol.
Lebensmittelunternehmer: Distillerie Paul Devoille 7-9 rue des Moines Hauts 70220 FOUGEROLLES
Net filling quantity: 700ml
Ursprungsland: Frankreich
Verkehrsbezeichnung: Spirituose
Vert d'Absinthe

Luc Rodriguez was THE expert for absinthe in Paris for many years. With he not only reached his tiny shop in the Rue d'Ormesson countless tourists in Paris, but above all countless international connoisseurs. The selection in his store was enormous and in addition to the many products from Switzerland and France, there was also a remarkable series, based on own absinthes historical recipes were made. Unfortunately Luc had to go out of business close due to enormously increased costs in 2016. being long-time employee Sébastien Plais took over the company completely and continues to operate Vert d'Absinthe as a pure online trade. Since we already have been very good friends for many years, we have one thing in common decided that we should distribute the Vert d'Absinthe products in Germany will continue, because it would be a shame if they would Precisions disappear from the market.

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