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Product information "Absinthe Kübler"
Absinthe Kübler was first distilled in the Val de Travers back in 1863.
Yves Kübler was the first distiller after his great Grandfather who was allowed to officially distill Absinthe in Switzerland in 2001. Although Absinthe was still prohibited in 2001. The product he made was an “Extrait d'’Absinthe – which is an wormwood extract, but not an Absinthe. Very tricky these Swiss guys.
From March 1st. 2005 on, Absinthe is legal again in Switzerland. This new situation allows Kübler to produce a new 53% version, which he is allowed to call “Absinthe”.
But that’s not all: The new formula is based on the 57% Extrait d’Absinthe but has improved dramatically. No more tails and funny aftertastes, just smoothness and a very nice herbal aroma. The taste is very long. This one can easily compete with the best clandestine La Bleue’s you ever tasted! Kübler uses wormwood and other herbs grown in the Val de Travers to ensure the product is historically accurate. The new Kübler Absinthe 53% is a true natural product without any colouring or added sugar.

All we may say is: Voilà la véritable Fée verte – Absinthe Kübler à votre santé!

The family recipe for Kübler Original dates back to 1863. And is composed of 9 distinct botanicals, sourced from unique locations around the globe for their specific terroir. All 9 botanicals are macerated and distilled together. The first three - known as the "Holy Trinity" of Absinthe:
  • - Sweet Fennel from Provence, France
  • - Grand Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium) from the Val de Travers, Switzerland
  • - Green Anise from Malaga Spain Along with 6 additional botanicals:
  • - Artemisia Pontica (Petite Wormwood) from the Val de Travers, Switzerland
  • - Coriander from Ukraine
  • - Peppermint from Val de Travers, Switzerland
  • - Hyssop from Val de Travers, Switzerland
  • - Star Anise from China
  • - Lemon Balm from Val de Travers, Switzerland
Distilled, rested, and brought to proof at 53% ABV - or 106 Proof.
Alcohol: 53% vol.
Lebensmittelunternehmer: BLACKMINT SA, Creux-aux-Loups 2, CH‑2112 Môtiers
Net filling quantity: 1000ml
Ursprungsland: Schweiz
Verkehrsbezeichnung: Spirituose
"Absinthe KÜBLER" is the continuation of the long family tradition of the Küblers, who produced absinthe from 1863 until Prohibition on October 7, 1910 in Val-de-Travers (Neuchâtel Jura), Switzerland. In 2003, the Swiss parliament lifted the ban on absinthe. 
 Yves Kübler, great-grandson of the founder of the Kübler brand, is the first distiller to be able to legally offer you authentic absinthe again. In Môtiers, the main town of the Val-de-Travers, where absinthe has its historical origins, the mythical drink was awakened from its slumber. 
"Absinthe KÜBLER" is made according to the old family recipe in the best tradition distilled from wormwood (grande absinthe), a special mixture of aromatic herbs and the purest alcohol. To ensure the unique taste, only wormwood from the Val-de-Travers is used. "Absinthe KÜBLER" unfolds its subtle taste and the characteristic turbidity best diluted with fresh water in a ratio of 1:5 are of natural origin. "Absinthe KÜBLER" is produced exclusively in Switzerland.
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