Absinthe Verte de Fougerolles

The 'green' from Fougerolles


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Product information "Absinthe Verte de Fougerolles"
An outstanding, unfiltered premium Absinthe made from several herbs which include Grande and Petite Wormwood, Green Anise Seed, Fennel Seed and Hyssop, a grape-base alcohol, no added sugar, and is bottled at 72°, in order to hold the natural colour and present the aromas to the fullest. Made by following the distillery's own technique of distilling each plant separately, blending the resulting full alcohol distillates and then finishing with an “Esprit Vert” (“Green Spirit” - a natural maceration of additional plants, including Veronica (Speedwell) in grape spirits) which is mixed in during the final colouring stage of production. It louches beautifully, and is complex and intense. Sure to please those who are searching for a spicy, yet traditional Absinthe. It represents one of the best quality/cost values in modern traditional Absinthes.
Alcohol: 72% vol.
Lebensmittelunternehmer: Distillerie Paul Devoille 7-9 rue des Moines Hauts 70220 FOUGEROLLES
Net filling quantity: 700ml
Ursprungsland: Frankreich
Verkehrsbezeichnung: Spirituose
Xavier Devoille was a wine merchant in Charton who delivered to the Rhone Valley with his team of horses. His son Paul took over the small business in 1905 and settled in an old foundry in Moines-Hauts. around the same time he bought the "Luzet" brand from Constante and Achille Luzet. The product catalog was expanded from pure fruit schnapps to include absinthe. The first product was called Riquette and was produced around 1912. One of Paul Devoille's two daughters married Raymond Gouttefroy. When Paul Devoille died in 1954, Raymond Gouttefroy took over the business. In 1956 he developed the Girardin brand and introduced new products. The business passed to his daughter and her husband Jaques Veillet in 1973, who sold the company to Rene de Miscault in 1985. Today, Devoille is one of the largest absinthe producers in France. Son Hugues de Miscault is in charge of production and father Rene de Miscault runs the Musee des eaux des vie in Lapoutroie near Colmar. The product range is constantly being expanded to include new products (Absinthe Libertine, La Charlotte, Verte and Blanche de Fougerolles).
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